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Coda is Born in 1981 in Italy, she graduates in the Academy of Fine Arts of the city of Florence and since 2006 lives and works in Girona.

Her personal exhibitions begin in the year 2004 in her native country, Italy. Since then, her art works have been exhibited in London, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Florence, Girona and Ourense. 

Her creative process dwells in a permanent search of the beauty hiding in the state of mind. Thus, the message and the shape cannot be mere figurations of the human condition.

Maria Paola’s matter painting is born as a series of respectful monuments to beauty as well as a channel of the poetical emotions of the mutation. Maria Paola Coda’s painting is generous. This implies a formal preoccupation as well as a matter one. We are layers of time, superpositions of mental states, mood cocktails, thought and experience strata, expression and communication enjambments.

Coda, by means of her paintings, postulates the metaphysics of the means and, at the same time, she dares posing questions with the appearances as a starting point.